Who I Am

Sunny Web Shops was started by me, Kip Shaw, of Edenton, NC. After many years in the fields of typesetting and book design, in the mid-90s I was entranced by the Web, believing it to be the most revolutionary development in the history of communications — even more so than Gutenberg and his moveable type.

I embraced the web, climbing the learning curve necessary to master this fascinating new medium. I’m glad I did.

And it is a medium where the only constant is change. So realizing that mobile devices are increasingly capturing people’s online time, I now build all my clients’ websites so they scale to whatever device they are viewed on. This is called creating a “mobile friendly” design.

I have developed a design aesthetic that employs a simple, no-hassle approach to getting a website launched — on time and on budget. I am always gratified when a website I have built helps someone reach out and be successful.

Contact me anytime:
+ by email at sunnywebshops@gmail.com
+ by phone at 518-284-2419
+ by mail at 112 East King Street, Edenton, NC 27932.